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We supply and maintain Mitel IP Telephone Systems
We supply and maintain Mitel IP Telephone Systems
We install and maintain Mitel 3300 telephone systems. We can provide a complete new Mitel telephone system, or take over the support of your existing system.

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We maintain, and supply spares for Mitel SX2000 systems.
We supply and maintain traditional Mitel SX2000 systems.
We have a large stock of Mitel SX2000 equipment, so we are able to expand or upgrade your existing SX2000. We would also be pleased to support your existing SX2000

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We Supply Calls and LinesWe offer a Hosted Telephony service
We can offer you cheap call minutes and line rental deals. We supply analogue lines, ISDN lines or SIP trunks, or we can simply take over your existing lines.
Cutting Costs

In the current economic climate no organization is immune from its effects

Now, more than ever, we are being asked to justify costs, cut back on expenditure and get more from what we have already invested in.

Few organisations have any budget available for any expenditure that cannot justify a longer term saving. However, there are many ways that your ongoing telecoms costs can be reduced, with significant payback in a matter of months.

Contact us to see if we can assist you in squeezing more from your telecoms budget!
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MiraCall Solutions is a 'no nonsense', hands-on telecoms company working to extremely high standards and driven by customer satisfaction. We specialise in Mitel telephone systems.”
Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide first class delivery of Mitel telecommunications equipment and services at unbeatable value for money, offering a broad range of Mitel products and support services to meet the changing needs of our customers and help to support their business.

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Welcome to MiraCall

We offer a wide range of telecommunications products, both new and second user. We provide Mitel 3300 installation, Mitel 3300 maintenance and Mitel 3300 support services which can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

It is our aim to provide high quality telecommunications solutions for our customers at unbeatable value for money. Our dedicated approach to customer satisfaction, and the depth of our technical expertise ensures that the service that we offer is second to none.

The world of telecommunications is undergoing rapid change. Convergence of voice and data is now a reality. MiraCall solutions can help you capitalise on the advantages that modern communications services can offer to your business. 
As a Mitel Channel Partner we are an established Mitel system supplier . We are also an accredited Mitel System Maintainer and offer Mitel Maintenance Services and Mitel Support to companies using Mitel 3300 and Mitel SX2000 telephone systems


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MiraCall News

MiraCall launches new 'Ad-hoc' Support Offering
  Targeted at small to medium businesses,MiraCall now offers ad-hoc Mitel telephone system support on a pay as you go basis for customers who do not wish to be tied into an annual maintenence contract
Mitel and VMware virtualize the voice environment
Mitel® and VMware® have cracked the final frontier of voice telephony: virtualization. This partnership has addressed the gap between voice telephony and virtualized software. Now, mission-critical voice applications have been virtualized alongside other enterprise business applications in the mainstream data centre. Like any other application, the Mitel software can be downloaded and installed on any data-centre server that's running VMware vSphere.
SIP trunks start to penetrate the mainstream
The uptake in SIP trunks had surged in the last 12 months as the final step for customers wishing to achieve a 100% VoIP environment. More companies than ever before have now migrated their analogue and ISDN telephone lines to SIP trunks (telephone lines over the internet) allowing them to take advantage of cheaper line rental, call charges and number portability. Contact us to see how we can help you to cut costs and improve service.
New Corporate Website showcases MiraCall Solutions Ltd
  On the back of year on year growth and continued success, MiraCall continues to improve the service offered to its customers with the launch of the new MiraCall website,with more content, news and a now a dedicated customer portal.