Call Logging & Call Recording

Track your businesses telecoms expenses quickly and accurately with a Call Logging solution from MiraCall.
Our Call Logging solutions empowers you to make informed decisions about your business and help you efficiently manage your business communications. Our solutions are so comprehensive and easy to use that they will deliver measurable results in a very short time by:
Reducing communications costs - See a reduction of up to 20%
Retain Customers by improving customer service
Increase Sales by monitoring and improving your telesales performance
Improve Call Handling Performance
Detect Telephone Fraud early preventing potentially huge expense
Our call logging solutions integrate fully with our call recording systems enabling you to:

Identify unanswered calls
Verify call costs
Identify billing anomalies
Combat telecommunications fraud
Control communications capacity and traffic flows
Generating revenue through call cost mark-up and line rental charges
Deliver organisational, extension and client billing
Optimise staffing levels and efficiency


We work closely with our call logging partner Tollring to ensure that we can deliver a bespoke call management package designed around your telephone system and the way that you work.