Cordless Telephony
Mitel Wireless Telephony

Mitel Wireless TelephonyMitel IP Communications Platforms can be deployed to provide a wireless voice solution. You are able to add Mitel IP DECT phones to your system which are connected via DECT base-stations and your data network. The Mitel 3300 system can also be used to connect legacy PBX-enabled enterprises and environments that do not currently have wireless capabilities, or that have a data only wireless LAN infrastructure.

The Mitel ICP Wireless Gateway provides:

  • Works as an integrated PBX/Wireless Gateway
  • Access to 500+ features and applications like voice mail, speech recognition and call center apps
  • Wireless telephones emulate the feature-rich 5220 IP Phone
  • Easily "twin" your wired desktop phone and your wireless phone for additional convenience
  • Single network supports wired and wireless voice and data devices with a single controller
  • Staff remains reachable at all time and voice mail "tag" is often avoided

No airtime charges

Polycom Kirk DECT Cordless Solutions:

MiraCall are also an Icon accredited reseller of Polycom Kirk DECT solutions as well as a certified installer and maintainer.

We are able to work with you to design, implement and support a cordless telephony solution to suit your organisation.